Payment for Vet Services

We understand pets can bring sudden unbudgeted expenses into your households. To help with this we offer various payment options in addition to the usual EFTPOS and Credit Card. Buy now, pay later services are simple to use and can often be signed up in as little as 15 minutes. If this is a suitable option, please speak with our reception and they can discuss these options.

At MyVet Springfield Lakes we try to keep charges to the minimum level possible that is consistent with the highest quality of care for the animals being treated. Sometimes our vets do need to act urgently and this is not possible. We hope you understand this is done to provide the best care for your pets.

If you have any questions about vet care costs or an existing payment, please reach out and we are happy to take you through in more detail.


Great for payments between $100 – $1000

  • Pay in 4 Equal instalments over 6 weeks
  • No hidden fees.
  • No interest.
  • Shop now. Pay over 6 weeks. Never pay interest.
  • Afterpay limit is not based on credit score.

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GapOnly® is an innovative payment service that works with selected pet insurance brands, so you can access your pet insurance benefit right away for eligible expenses.

How to claim using GapOnly®:

  1. If your pet insurance brand offers GapOnly, let our team know you’d like to submit a GapOnly® claim for your pet’s treatment.
  2. We’ll lodge a GapOnly® claim on your behalf, and it’s assessed in around 10 minutes. Any longer and the team will let you know so you can decide whether you want to stay or have the claim processed as an eClaim instead.
  3. Once the claim’s been assessed and approved, you simply pay the gap (the amount not covered by your pet insurance policy) and go.


Get the treatment your pet needs now, and pay for it in your own time. Zip lets you make purchases now and pay later, without the need for a credit card. Once you sign up and get approved, you’ll have a line of credit and a shopping account. Using your account and credit line, you can make purchases which you then pay back in regular instalments.

To find out more information on ZipPay visit


To help take the financial stress away from owners, an option we can provide to help is VetPay.

VetPay can be used for all your pet care expenses. VetPay will cover the costs of the treatment and will email you your fortnightly payment plan.

To find out more information on VetPay visit

*Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply. Please visit their website for further details.