Thunderstorm Season Is Here

Although our subtropical weather can be beautiful, it brings potentially dangerous summer storms, for some dogs these can be a nightmare. “Spots”, a four year old, Male, Terrier cross is affected badly by the storms, not just the flash of lightning or rumble of the thunder but also the electrical and pressure changes in the atmosphere.

Spots can show signs of pacing, panting and drooling and can even try to escape in these storms. There are many different techniques that can be tried with Spots or on your furry friend if they experience similar symptoms.

Spots can be helped by:

  • Anxiety wrap (home-made or thunder-shirts)
  • Adaptil Collar (contains calming pheromones)
  • Setting up a den area undercover where they feel safe and secure

Other methods to try are:

  • Crate training your pet (similar effect to a den)
  • Patting and soothing your dog (only if this helps – it’s a myth that this will make your dog worse)
  • Thunder Cap (helps soothing pressure points on the head)
  • Lavender oil in a diffuser
  • Adaptil diffuser
  • Keeping your pet inside with blinds closed and windows shut (in our hot weather they should also be in air conditioning)
  • Playing the radio or TV loud to help drown out the noise
  • Keeping your pet occupied with a suitable distraction i.e. play, kong, bone

If none of these are helping, please contact one of our friendly staff for assistance. Some pets require medications specifically tailored to suit their needs.