Welcome Dr Niamh Woods

Niamh was born and raised in Brisbane and is one of a family of 5. Niamh's earliest dream was to become a dog, however after realising this was not possible, manifested this desire to join the veterinary field and help them instead. Following high school, she relocated to Townsville and completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Science at James Cook University earlier this year. As a COVID graduate, she has faced an interesting and varied challenge coming into clinical practise, but has enjoyed the challenges and new experiences of the veterinary field, propsering under the mentorship of fellow vets Sylvia and Megan.

Despite developing a love for the North, she missed her family too much and started at MyVet Springfield Lakes in April. So far she has enjoyed meeting and working with a great team and many lovely clients.

Outside of work, Niamh enjoys trying new things - is always looking for a new hobby and always taking suggestions! - being in nature, reading, spending time with friends and family and dog Admiral, and is excited to continue to learn and grow as a clinician. She is passionate about mental health awareness, maintaining a high standard of animal care and always continuing to learn and grow on the journey.