Welcome Dr Louise Gerrard

I was born in the south of England and qualified from Cambridge University in 1999. After a short spell in small animal practice in the UK, I moved to the Middle East and spent 2 years in Dubai and 8 and a half in Muscat, Oman. When I arrived in the Middle East it was completely different to what you see today, and I used to walk my dogs on what is now the site of the world's tallest building!

In Oman I spent a lot of time involved in a trap, neuter, release program for the street cats and ended up with one of them as my own pet. Mrs Norris is still going strong at 15 years old and looking forwards to moving to Australia.

I met my husband, Robbie, in Muscat and in 2012 moved to his home country of South Africa where I continued working as a small animal vet. We have had a variety of pets along the way, and now have 3 dogs, Rex, Roxy and Jessie, and 2 cats, Mrs Norris and Mr Kitty.

Out of work, I enjoy walking the dogs, canoeing and participating in the local weekly 5km Park Run. I also enjoy gardening and like to grow my own vegetables. Recently, I have taken up sewing and making my own clothes, the results are varied but practice makes perfect!