The Biggest Loser

Did you know that, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, up to 52% of our cats and dogs are obese? Unfortunately, the biggest losers, as a result of our over-treating and over-loving are our pets.

Being overweight or obese puts our pets at a direct increased risk of suffering from joint disease, cardiac disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, some liver diseases and some cancers. Our dogs and cats will, unfortunately, have reduced life expectancy if they are overweight or obese.

Fortunately though, their weight is completely within our control and the biggest influence we have over it is through diet, and to a smaller degree, exercise. Changing our pets diet, whether it be by a safe volume reduction or by changing the diet to a metabolically targeted weight loss food, and swapping out rich, fatty treats for healthy alternatives is a simple and effective first step.

Metabolically targeted diets like Royal Canin Satiety or Hills Metabolic are incredible modern breakthroughs backed by a tonne of science. In over 97% of dogs in studies, these diets facilitated healthy and effective weight loss with ZERO exercise involved. This is a blessing for older dogs with joint disease, for dogs recovering from injuries, or simply for owners who are time-poor or unable to exercise with their dogs.

Our cats, who tend to be largely sedentary creatures, sleeping for around 15-20hrs daily, also benefit from this! These diets allow these dogs and cats to reduce weight, relieving those heavily burdened joints without the strain, pain and potentially injury associated with heavy exercise. These diets are not just for the older dogs, Dr Bridgid used Royal Canin Satiety for her 4 year old Border Collie, Penny, after returning from holiday to find that the family had been “loving her a bit too much” during her stay with them. After only 5 weeks on Satiety, Penny was back to her regular athletic build and she was enjoying chasing the frisbee love-handle free.

In terms of treats, the secret weapon to weight loss while still treating is using something low fat and high fibre. Penny’s favourite healthy snack is carrot sticks - possibly the easiest and cheapest of Dr Bridgid’s treat arsenal for her dogs, and as an added bonus, the raw carrot is a great chewy treat for their teeth.

It is important for our pets to lose weight effectively and safely, we recommend clarifying with your pet’s Vet for the most appropriate method for weight loss before beginning a treatment. For more information, please contact our team, who are passionate about keeping your furbabies a little less chubby and a lot more comfortable and healthy for longer.