The benefits of Winter Grooming

Long, Curly, Short, Wired, Double, regardless what type of hair your dog has, regular grooming is an essential part of your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Contrary to popular belief, regular grooming in winter is necessary for temperature regulation. Let’s have an overall glance of grooming: 

  • Quick and easy overall health check of new lumps and bumps, ear infections and skin problems 
  • Only unmatted clean coats can maintain and regulate body temperature 
  • Matt and tangle free coats allow for quicker more gentle grooming 
  • Proper grooming behaviour is learnt and maintained through regular grooming appointments 
  • Drying the coat and skin is just as important as bathing and cleaning the skin and coat 
  • Hand stripping is quicker and cheaper when following coat cycle 
  • Short haired breeds require regular grooming to maintain healthy skin, coat, feet and nails 

If you require further information call our clinic on (07) 3818 4119, Melanie our groomer is at the clinic every Wednesday and Thursday