Storm Season

Storm season often brings out the anxiety in our furry four-legged friends. Unfortunately, this can lead to injuries, escapes and damaged property. Thankfully there are a few things at home that may help.

Some things you can consider doing at home include providing a 'den' (covered crate, windowless laundry or wardrobe, bathroom with covered windows) with treats and bedding. Adaptil collars and plug in diffusers can also help in creating a safe space for your pet as they release a comforting pheromone.

Other options include a thunder shirt, desensitising CDs or YouTube videos being played over time with lots of simultaneous positive reinforcement, and Homeopet storm stress drops added to water. Often a tailored combination of techniques and products are required to ease your pet's storm anxiety. Some animals may also require medication following a behaviour consultation with the vet in order to further alleviate anxiety.