Record breakers of the cat and dog world

We all know how quirky our fur babies can be. From their amazing, unique personalities to their gorgeous, distinctive physiques, they sure can be one of a kind! However, every now and then, there are a few that just simply stand out
above the rest and leave us amazed. Let’s take a look at some breathtaking record breakers of the cat and dog world!

Let’s start with our feline friends. Did you know the average size for a domestic cat’s tail is 30cm at most? A silver maine coon called Cygnus broke this record with a tail length of 44.6cm. That is an impressive tail Cygnus!

The shortest cat is 9 year old Lilieput, a female munchkin cat, who measures only 13.3cm from the floor to her shoulders. For reference, this is about a third of the height of a bowling pin!

The longest locks ever measured on a cat belong to beautiful Sophie, who managed to grow her hair to a staggering 25.6cm.

The record holder for longest feline jump is 10 year old Waffle the warrior cat, who easily smashed a 7 foot
long jump a few years ago.

Meanwhile Alexis Of Austria managed to perform 26 tricks in only one minute, just last year. Not bad for such a lazy species!

Moving on to man's best friend, how cool is Otto the skateboarding bulldog? You may have already seen this little guy on the internet as he is quite famous. This funny little guy managed to board through a human tunnel of over 30 people in peru with perfect precision.

Other unique record holders are Toby from Canada, who managed to pop 100 colourful balloons in 28 seconds, and the quick footed Geronimo achieved 91 skips in a minute! The super-talented Purin from Japan, smashed the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest 10 meters travelled on a ball by a dog in a time of just 11.9

The Tallest dog on record is Zeus, who when standing on his back legs, is taller than just about every human being, at 7ft 4!

And lastly, the longest canine tail belongs to an Irish wolfhound called Keon from Belgium, and measures a lengthy 76.8cm, definitely a sight to see.

How fascinating are these amazing dogs and cats, with their unique features and abilities. It really makes you think just how many other record breakers there could be out there undiscovered, and what other record breakers could come about in the future.