Protect your pet against tick paralysis

Recently at MyVet Springfield Lakes we have had several tick paralysis cases. Luckily, we have two highly effective and safe products that are now available at our clinic to control fleas and ticks. These are Bravecto, Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra, both brands are chewy tablets that are easy to administer. These chewy tablets replace the former technologies such as topspot liquids, tick collars and bathing. We recommend the use of either treatment when your dog is exposed to fleas or ticks. Treatment for tick paralysis is expensive, and unfortunately not all animals will survive, so preventative health care is key.

For our feline friends, the only licensed product for prevention of tick infestation is Frontline spray. If you are having difficulty administering this, one of our friendly nurses can do this for you. If you would like more information regarding parasite control, you can speak to one of our team members on (07) 3818 4119.