Our New Infusion Fluid Warmer

Our New Portable Veterinary Infusion Fluid Warmer

Here at MyVet every patient receives intravenous fluid therapy as a minimum standard of care. This is because a number of the pre-medication/ sedation and anaesthetic drugs lower a patient’s blood pressure (hypotension). In order to keep a patient’s blood pressure at an appropriate level we provide the intravenous fluids as this increases blood volume, hence the blood pressure increase. It is important to keep blood pressure at an adequate level to ensure all of a patient’s tissues are receiving enough oxygen. Another side effect of a general anaesthetic is the nervous system’s ability to regulate body temperature. It is vital during a surgery that we ensure a patient does not become hypothermic. Generally, the intravenous fluid bags are at room temperature (approx. 23°C here) rather than at our patient’s normal body temperature (37.5-39.5°C for a dog and 38.0-39.3°C for a cat).

With our new infusion fluid warmer we are able to warm the intravenous fluids we administer during every surgery at our patient’s normal body temperature just prior to the fluid entering the vein. Since acquiring our fluid warmer we have found that every patient retains their normal body temperature throughout an anaesthetic, in addition to their normal blood pressure.  This also results in a smoother recovery from anaesthetic for all our patients. 

Infusion Fluid Warmer