Meet Cooper - Our Patient of the Month

Cooper is an 8 month old Lab X who was enjoying breakfast down at the local cafe with his human parents when he jumped up for his toy and landed on his back right leg awkwardly causing an audible snapping sound. He was carried up to the clinic by his owners and immediately given pain relief. X-rays revealed a nasty spiral fracture of his tibia. Luckily for Cooper our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Geoff Wilson, was coming in anyway later that afternoon! The fracture was difficult to reduce (put back in the anatomically correct position) but once done was able to have a plate and a number of screws placed to hold the fracture together. After an afternoon on intravenous analgesia and starting prophylactic antibiotics he was able to be discharged the following day.

Less than 10 days later though Cooper thought he was Superdog and managed to cause another fracture in the same leg! None of us, including the surgeon, had ever known a dog to do this! Cooper went back to surgery to have his previous plate removed (with the first fracture healing beautifully) and had a much larger plate placed to cover BOTH fractures.

After spending a week strictly confined in hospital with more medications, Cooper finally went home and has to keep a large cast on for 2 weeks. Fingers crossed there are no more broken legs in Cooper’s future!

And in other good news, Cooper’s family have adopted the beautiful Smokey who was brought in as a stray kitten and had been living in the clinic with us while looking for a new home.