Kitty Housekeeping

Generally we regard cats as being very clean creatures that take care of business very neatly. But sometimes “accidents” happen. Maybe on the floor near the litter box, or sometimes on a bed or in a shoe, or even spray against the wall.

Why does this happen? Sometimes there’s a simple solution:

  1. Some cats won’t use a tray that has already been used
  2. Some cats want the litter tray in a different location (not private enough)
  3. Some don’t like the type of kitty litter, you may have to explore different options such as crystals and pellets
  4. Generally the amount of litter trays should equal one more tray than the number of cats in the household, i.e 2x cats = 3x litter trays
  5. Use an odour neutraliser where the cat goes inappropriately (carpet, lounge, bed etc.)

Other causes of weeing (and sometimes pooping) outside the litter box can be stress. Many causes of stress can include a change of routine, outside cats prowling around their territory, inter-cat aggression and new members entering/ leaving the house. Other reasons could include a urinary tract infection/problem or a gastrointestinal upset. If none of the above points seem to remedy the situation come in and chat to one of our friendly staff members about getting your cats urine tested or to discuss how to help a stressed cat cope with their anxiety including calming pheromone sprays/diffusers etc. There are many options available to help your cat and reduce any messy out-of-litter box disasters!