Heart warming offer this winter

Heart warming offer this winter

The cold has descended upon us and it's time to get to the chilling facts about heartworm.  Heartworm is endemic in Australia, this means it is a constant threat to our domestic pets. Heart disease is caused by the worm Dirofilaria Immitus which is transmitted by mosquito populations prevalent throughout Australia.  As a result, disease is more common in regions, such as South-East Queensland, where mosquito populations are high. 

Fortunately heartworm is easily preventable. Courtesy of Zoetis, for the next two months (until end of September) we are offering a heartworm amnesty! 

If your pet is overdue for heartworm prevention they may qualify for a FREE consultation and heartworm test if then treated with an annual heartworm injection. This equates to a saving of over $120 and ensures your pet is protected from this deadly parasite.

Don't delay - contact the clinic today!!!