Does your dog experience situational anxiety?

Does your pet get anxious going to the vet or during storms? Like us, our pets can experience anxiety in situations they are not comfortable with. 

When we look at behavioural states like anxiety, we often need to implement and change both the physical experience and chemical mindset of our pets. Some pets will require the use of anti-anxiety medications.

Serotonin is a chemical produced naturally that acts within the brain and is responsible for elevating our mood and reducing aggression. Anti-anciety medication works by increasing the amount of serotonin available and extending the duration of its action. This often results in our pets being less anxious and allows them to develop a happier attitude. 

For those dogs who become anxious only within the veterinary clinic we also encourage ‘Happy visits’. A happy visit is when you bring your dog into the clinic during quiet hours (often the middle of the day) and allow them to just sit comfortably in the waiting room and be reassured with treats and pats. This allows your dog to develop a new mindset around visiting the clinic. Previously your dog may have associated the clinic with needles, where now they may begin to adapt their experience to include treats and affection.

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