An Empty Nest

Our practice manager Ann has written a heart-touching tribute to Jaspurrr our clinic cat that recently passed.  

RIP Jaspurrr

“It is with a heavy heart that I write today...on Friday 13th April, the staff gathered to farewell our beloved Jaspurrr.  

Jaspurrr came to us in December 2010 after repeated bouts of urinary tract blockages.  Due to ongoing financial burdens his owners elected euthanasia.  He had me fooled, he was such a brave and sweet patient, I couldn't let him go.  It was decided we would adopt the little battler and treat his urinary disease.  The initial plan was to re-home him but it became apparent his condition would be a continuing burden so he happily settled into the role of clinic cat.  It is here his true colors came out!!!  Such a regal little man, Jaspurrr became the king of the clinic.  He would parade around in front of patients (both cats and dogs) upsetting the apple cart and causing a ruckus. 

Jaspurrr led a charmed life in the clinic and had years of good health relaxing and tormenting all from his throne on the reception desk.  It wasn't until last year that he started to show his years.  He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which required twice daily treatment.  It wasn't until early this year that illness took hold... Unfortunately the diagnosis was small cell lymphoma of his intestinal tract.  An invasive disease that progresses very quickly.  We knew we didn't have much more time. 

There is an emptiness in the clinic.  We will all miss his company and his antics but none more so than his Aunty Ann.  Every day, whether working or on her weekends off, Ann would treat him and let him out for love, cuddles and exercise.  Without her love I don't think Jaspurr's life would have been the same.  She has a hole in her heart now... but I am sure she would do it all the same again.  We all would.   

It was an emotional evening for all staff.  He was so brave and passed peacefully.  RIP little man.”